The history of engagement rings

20 Apr

An engagement ring is a ring which signifies that the individual is engaged and finding married before long. In classic societies like United kingdom, Eire, and North America, these rings are worn only by gals but currently, these rings could be worn by males in addition. Usually the rings are made from many gemstones however the most widely used types are diamonds. In other cultures women and men put on matching rings that happen to be sometimes also generally known as engagement bands or wedding ceremony bangds. In pretty much all cultures, the ring is worn to the remaining hand ring finger, mainly because it is thought that the this ring finger has the vein that resulted in the read.

According to Wikipedia the “Engagement bands began in Historical Egypt as the circle was utilised to represent a under no circumstances ending cycle plus the house in it for a gateway”. Historicaly, Roman adult men gave the engagement rings integrated a little key being a image to protect and cherish the husband’s heart. They believed the ring to become a logo for possession in lieu of love. Greeks may well are the primary to build engagement rings, but to them they were being referred to as “betrothal rings”.


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